We are Mr.Cat Esports

  Mr.Cat Esports is a global gaming community which revolves around competitive eSport.

  Founded by a group of passionate gamers from around the world, our vision is to bring exciting tournaments and e-sport content to the world of gaming. So far, Mr.Cat Esports have successfully hosted three Dota 2 tournaments and one CS:GO tournament. We constantly try and bring e-Sport fans what they want so there are more tournaments coming up in a variety of competitive games. Our vision is to grow Mr.Cat Esports from a small scale group to a global company that covers the entire e-Sport landscape in all its facets, reporting live and on-site from Mr.Cat invitational events, operating own global tournaments on behalf of sponsors and offering premium brands a one-stop-shop experience.

  Here at Mr.Cat Esports we believe that e-Sport, as in any sport require fair-play, sportsmanship, respect and good manners. Further establishing these values in the online gaming community is one of the core values of Mr.Cat Esports.