1. Schedule & Rescheduling

  2. All matches are scheduled with a fix time and date.
    Rescheduling may be requested if there is a valid reason for it. The request must be issued at least 72h before the actual match time. Administrators will decide on a case-by-case basis if the request is reasonable.

  3. Stand-ins

  4. Stand-ins are players that temporary replace an absent player. A team may only make use of two stand-ins at a time.

  5. Punctuality

  6. If a team is not ready to start a game on time, the following punishments will be applied by the administrator:
    - 05 minutes late => Level 1 Draft Penalty
    - 10 minutes late => Level 2 Draft Penalty
    - 15 minutes late => Level 3 Draft Penalty
    - 20 minutes late => Forfeit of the game (not the whole match)
    - 30 minutes late => Forfeit of whole match

  7. Server

  8. The default server location is Luxembourg. A different server may be used if both teams can come to mutual agreement or an administrator decides on it to ensure fair play.

  9. Disconnects

  10. If a player disconnects, the game is to be paused instantly. Everyone has up to ten minutes to reconnect to the game (if the same person disconnects more than once, all times get added up). If this time is passed, the opposing team may continue the game, unless an administrator demands the opposite. The affected player is in this case still allowed to rejoin later on.

  11. Rehosting

  12. In case of technical difficulties, that prevent a player from reconnecting to the game and the match hasn't progressed beyond the 10-minute mark or first blood was drawn, a match can be remade.

  13. Side and Draft Order

  14. Selection priority for the first game of a match is decided by a coin toss done by an administrator. If there is a second game, the other team will get selection priority. The same process is repeated with a new coin toss for game 3 (if existing) and so forth.

  15. Pauses

  16. Each team has the right to pause the game for an acceptable duration. The game must not be resumed before both teams agree to it again. When the number or the duration of breaks becomes too high or long, the administration may force the continuation of the game.

  17. Ending

  18. A game is finished, when an Ancient Fortress is destroyed, when the majority of a team leaves on purpose, or when the administration decides on it.
    A game is not forfeited, when a player types "gg" or "ff". Always wait for the ancient to be destroyed

  19. Commitments

  20. By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations and with the statements and decisions made by the administration.
    Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice and if necessary overrules those to ensure fair play throughout the competition.

  21. Cheating

  22. The usage of any Dota-related tool aside from Steam and Dota 2 during a match is strictly forbidden.
    Abusing a bug or trying to get an advantage by watching a livestream of the match is also strictly forbidden.

  23. Legal Process

  24. Legal proceedings are not permitted.

Last Update: 2017, May 9th