1.Players are required to use their original nicknames, team tags, and steam accounts for every game.
2.Teams are required to use minimum 3 players from the registered roster (aka only 2 standins allowed)
3.Standins can not be members of another team participating in the tournament. Teams can only use 3 standins if permitted by tournament admins.
4.Teams should be in the lobby and ready to start at least 5 minutes before the posted start time.
5 minutes late - minus 5 minutes from pause time
10 minutes late - minus all 10 minutes from pause time
15 minutes late - def loss in 1st map
25 minutes late - def loss in 2nd map (or full series if bo3)
30 minutes - def loss in 3rd map (or full series if bo5)
5.Matches will be hosted on the Singapore server. The first team to have all 5 players in the lobby will be allowed to call the coin toss.
6.Pick and side priority will alternate choice in back to back matches, meaning the team that loses the toss will be able to choose Side or Pick priority in game 2 of the series.
7.Tournament schedule is fixed. Matches can only be rescheduled with the expressed permission of a tournament administrator and agreeance of both teams.
8.Maximum pause length is 10 minutes for each team per game. If it’s not enough for team to solve their problem - teams should continue playing their match. Teams are NEVER permitted to pause the game to help another team to solve their issues. While we appreciate the desire to show good sportsmanship, we want to respect the viewers’ time.
9.If a player is unable to reconnect to a game:
before 10 minutes: rehost as AP with same picks, same wards
after 10 minutes: remake game as CM with new picks
could be rescheduled on another day if both teams & administration agree
10.Winning team is defined by which team destroys the enemy Ancient or forces a surrender. A team is considered to have surrendered if 3 or more players have written “gg” in chat.
11.Organizers are not responsible for any technical issues the players may have. This includes but is NOT limited to PC issues, internet issues, power issues, DOTA configuration issues, or acts of God.
12.Players/Teams are 100% responsible for securing their internet connections, ensuring their PCs work properly, and having backup plans available should any technical issues arise.
13.If both teams have technical issues, they can agree to find a time to reschedule and play the match before the start of the next stage of tournament. If the teams cannot agree on a time to reschedule and play the match, both teams will receive a technical loss.
14.The tournament organizer retains the right to change and edit these rules at any time.
Last edit: 24-Jan-2017